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Clients say nice things


I have contracted Edward to work for me on both a personal and professional basis. Professionally, Edward's ability to truly capture the personalities of the individuals 'behind the work' was a real morale booster. He arranged to have the shots he took of employees transferred onto canvases and everyone loved seeing them prominently displayed around the building. Our message was clear - 'employees are the most important element in this building'. Edward was able to put people at ease (truly making people look their best), and to accurately depict the work that was being done in an interesting and imaginative way. The results were incredible. Personally, Edward was able to capture the essence of my family. The photos of my 2-yr old grandson are amazing, and I will always cherish those photographs. I highly recommend Edward - both personally and professionally. He is not only technically talented, but is also easy to work with, reliable and committed to his clients.


I have known Ed professionally and personally for over 9 years and would recommend his services without reservation for the reasons below. As a photographer Ed has the ability to capture the ‘magic of the moment’ as can be confirmed by viewing his portfolio. As a business leader Ed demonstrates strength in strategic planning and market positioning while balancing customer service requirements such as meeting deadlines and a willingness to adapt his work to match the client’s vision. Finally, I have observed that Ed manages to stay relevant in his market by ensuring he is in tune with emerging trends and the opportunities that they may represent to add value to his client.

KEVIN STOSKI Group Lead - Cenovus


Not only is Ed a highly skilled photographer, he is very personable. I have used his services several times and recommended him to friends. The results have always been a good reflection on myself and I will continue to use Ed's services in the future.

RON EVANS President at E11 Services Inc.

"Edward has been my preferred photographer since meeting him on my first Charity trip to Disneyland, with a group of special kids, for Dreams Take Flight. We continue to work/volunteer together for this most rewarding initiative. He was also my go to photog while at the Calgary Flames. The Saddledome Rooftop Shoot as Harvey the Hound was a highlight! He has grown his skill set to include everything creative, so he is the force behind my real estate brand. I would recommend Edward and his creative brilliance, professionalism, and "good guy" nature to all!

CHRIS DINGLE (Harvey the Hound)
CHRIS DINGLE (Harvey the Hound)