About Me _&_ Experience

About Me & Experience

Edward Ross Lead Photographer

Edward Ross

Hi, I’m Edward.

I’ve been a Calgary Commercial and Lifestyle Photographer for the last 20 years and have photographed all around the globe for my great clients.

 I have experience in many types of corporate photography including boardroom and annual reports, to high-end product and location photography including oilfield services photography.

 I love what I do, and am always looking to challenge myself creatively; collaborating with my clients to create something inspiring.


  • Advertising Photography
  • Aerial Photography
  • Commercial/Corporate
  • Custom Stock Photography
  • Editorial
  • Field Location Photography

Creative Department

  • Robert Eaton

    Robert EatonChief U.A.V Pilot

    Robert Eaton is our Chief Pilot for Aerial Photography and one of Canada’s best U.A.V. pilots. He is one of the leaders in advancing the field of Canadian U.A.V. technology. With over 20 years of flying background, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the company.

  • Eric Erickson

    Eric EricksonCreative Director

    Our in-house design specialist. Eric has international experience working with world-class brands including Dell, Rolex, Infiniti and Nissan. With a critical eye for detail and design, Eric brings valuable experience in branding and marketing to our team.

  • Derek Selinger

    Derek SelingerVideo Communications Director

    When Derek is not being a world-class illusionist (check out DEREKSELINGER.COM) he is our Video Production Director. A fantastic creative mind with an abundance of talent in the editing room, Derek adds a fantastic production style to all of our Video projects.