Stampede is Coming – 5 Tips from a Pro Photographer

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So you’ve been “roped in” to being your company’s Stampede event photographer.

Here are    5 great tips    for getting better images even with a point and shoot camera.


  1. Have FUN!  If you are having fun  your subjects will mirror you, and the photos will have life and energy!

  2. Back WAY UP! Show the entire scope of the event and take overview shots to set the scene. (Sort of like the helicopter shots in the Amazing Race!)

  3. Get REALLY CLOSE! Yes, I know I just said back up  but you already have those shots… now immerse yourself in the action – capturing the emotion and expressions.

  4. VIP’s …. Get to know them and get great coverage of them. A lot of works goes into arranging the VIP’s and your company will want these memories documented.

  5. Get into some shots yourself! Become part of the event – you are a very important part of the team and don’t forget it.


Remember these easy tips – and if you just want to enjoy the event feel free to hire me!  I like a good party and I have a really nice camera!

Call me for a custom quote!

All the best

Edward Ross